2020 Guests

Episode 7: Jeff Brown & Tim Edwards - Jeopardy Contestants

Jeopardy contestants Jeff Brown and Tim Edwards share their experiences on the application and audition process, playing the game, and reflect on their time with everyone's favorite game show host, the late Alex Trebek.

Jeff Brown

Tim Edwards

Episode 6: The Last Blockbuster - Documentary

Derek interviews Taylor Morden and Zeke Kamm about their documentary film "The Last Blockbuster" that is available for streaming everywhere as of December 15, 2020.

Episodes 4 & 5: Chad Malone - Musician

In this two-part episode, Derek talks to punk rock legend Chad Malone about music and life.

Episode 3: The Kris & Kristine Show - Podcasters

San Diego-based podcasters Kris and Kristine stop by to talk about finding love after divorce and the world of podcasting.

Episode 2: Shred America - Documentary

Arthur Swidzinski joins us to discuss the making of the critically acclaimed documentary film that chronicles an epic skateboarding journey from Chicago to New York.

Episode 1: Victor Parachin - Author & Meditation Teacher

In our pilot episode, Derek spends time talking with renowned author and yogi Victor Parachin about his new book "Think Like the Buddha: 108 Days of Mindfulness".