Episode 158: Andrew Owens, PhD - Academic & Author

On this episode, Derek sits with Dr. Andrew Owens, Ph.D., who teaches at the University of Iowa. Dr. Owens will be talking about the courses he teaches, the power of the horror genre in modern cinema, we have some great conversations about the current state of cinema, he takes a few of your fan questions and we talk about his book, “Desire After Dark: Contemporary Queer Cultures and Occultly Marvelous Media”.

Episode 157: Jill Donovan - CEO & Founder of Rustic Cuff

On this episode, Derek sits with the inspiring CEO and Founder of Rustic Cuff, Jill Donovan. Jill will talk about how she turned disappointment on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" into a pure motivation which led to the creation of a small empire. Rustic Cuff is an incredibly successful boutique line of bracelets, metal cuffs and custom handcrafted leather. Jill will talk about the struggles of entrepreneurship, future plans and so much more. A highly motivating and highly inspiring episode.

Episode 156: Chancellor K. Jackson - Author

On this episode, Derek sits with Chancellor K. Jackson, author of the best-selling memoir, "14 Days in Beijing - The Unforgettable Story of a Young American’s Journey Through a Chinese Penitentiary", which chronicles his terrifying 2 weeks in the custody of Chinese Authorities. We also touch on Chancellor's incredible college football career, and his future plans.

Episode 155: Nick Gillard - Stunt Choreographer/Swordmaster

On this episode, Derek sits with stunt choreographer and sword-master for the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy, Nick Gillard. Nick will talk about how he got into stunt work and his involvement in many other film productions.

Episode 154: Haley Shapely - Author

On this episode, Derek sits with Haley Shapely, Freelance Writer and Author of the best selling book, “Strong Like Her - A Celebration of Rule Breakers, History Makers and Unstoppable Athletes”, which celebrates the untold stories of female strength and celebrates the physical power of women.

Episode 153: CG5 - Musician

On this episode, Derek sits with exciting new musical talent, CG5. CG5 will be talking about his rise in the music industry, his incredibly popular YouTube Channel, his unique approach to creating music, influences, and his latest single, "Out of My Mind".

Episode 152: Kashif Khan - CEO and Founder of The DNA Company

On this episode, Derek sits with Kashif Khan, the CEO and Founder of The DNA Company. The DNA Company is a organization that analyzes your unique DNA and can give you feedback with their custom DNA 360 Report which in turn will give you glimpses into your sleep, hormones, fitness, cardiovascular system, mood, immunity, and more. Plus we will be talking about Kashif’s brand new book, dropping on May 16, 2023, “The DNA Way: Unlock the Secrets of Your Genes to Reverse Disease, Slow Aging and Achieve Optimal Wellness”.

Episode 151: Lalage Snow - Journalist, Photographer, Filmmaker, & Author

On this powerful episode, Derek sits with journalist, photographer, filmmaker, and author, Lalage Snow. Lalage will be talking to us about being entrenched in Afghanistan as well in other hot spots in the Middle East. We will also be talking about her incredibly powerful photo essay entitled, “We Are Not Dead" which features portraits of British Soldiers, Before, During and After their deployment in Afghanistan. We will also be discussing her critically acclaimed book, "War Gardens: A Journey Through Conflict in Search of Calm".

Episode 150: Dr. Patrick Porter - CEO & Founder of BrainTap, Inc.

On this episode, Derek sits with Dr. Patrick Porter, the Founder and CEO of BrainTap. BrainTap is an electronic headset that delivers gentle light pulses through the ear and around the retina by sending direct signals to the brain. This can help you think, sleep and perform better. Dr. Porter will also be educating us on the functions of the Human Brain.

Episode 149: Tyler Foley - Author & Actor

On this episode, Derek sits with actor and author, Tyler Foley. Tyler will be talking to us about the myth around the fear of public speaking, his work on the cult horror film, “Freddy vs Jason", how challenging a Hollywood audition can be, overcoming a severe health crisis in his teens and will be talking to us about his book, "The Power to Speak Naked: How to Speak with Confidence, Communicate Effectively and Win Your Audience".

Episode 148: Russ Bray - Legendary PDC Darts Referee

On this incredible episode, Derek sits with the legendary "Voice of Darts", Russ Bray.

In this very in-depth interview, Russ discusses how he got into darts, his iconic voice, playing with the late Eric Bristow and THE GOAT of Darts, Phil Taylor, his thoughts on the standard of the PDC today, his "Guinness World Record" and his takes on the stars of Professional Darts today.

Episode 147: Clifford Ismay - Author & Historian

On this "Titanic-sized" episode, Derek sits with acclaimed Author and Historian, Clifford Ismay. Clifford is the author of, “Understanding J. Bruce Ismay - The True Story of the Man They called The Coward of the Titanic”, which gives new evidence into removing the vilification of J. Bruce Ismay, former President of the White Star Line and a 1st Class Passenger and Survivor of the RMS Titanic sinking. Clifford is also a former Governor for the Titanic Heritage Trust and is a member of the British Titanic Society.

Episode 146: Dallas Dupree Young - Actor

On this episode, Derek sits with up and coming actor, Dallas Dupree Young. Dallas will be talking about growing up in a MLB family, his first acting jobs, working with the legend we call Steven Spielberg, and how he landed the role of Kenny Payne on the Netflix juggernaut, "Cobra Kai".

Listen on Spotify here!

Episode 145: Dr. Clare Bertucio - CEO of Medicine Mama's Apothecary

On this episode, Derek sits with a renowned Radiation Oncologist who went on to become the CEO of Medicine Mama’s Apothecary, Dr. Clare Bertucio. Dr. Bertucio will be discussing her latest product, "VMAGIC", a specialty vulva care product. The good doctor will also be discussing how she got involved with the company, her approach to cancer treatment, answers a few fan questions, and much more.

Episode 144: Marielle Songy - Author

On this episode, Derek sits with his old friend, Marielle Songy. Marielle will be talking about her new book, "The Absinthe Frappé". Marielle will be educating us on the history of Absinthe and the deep connection it has to her home of New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Episode 143: Andy Saunders - NASA Digital Restoration Expert & Author

On this episode, Derek sits with Historian, Author and one of the world's foremost experts of NASA Digital Restoration, Andy Saunders. Andy is going to tell us about the incredible undertaking of combing through thousands of images to produce some of the most pristine restorations of photos from the Apollo Missions Era which he has compiled into a stunning book titled, “Apollo Remastered”. 

Episode 142: Fred Haise - Apollo 13 Astronaut / Bill Moore - Historian & Author

On this truly historic episode, Derek sits with Historian and Author, Bill Moore and Apollo 13 Astronaut and American Hero, Fred Haise.

Bill will be talking about his work preserving the stories of Oklahomans in Space and talking about his 2 books, “Retrofire: The Story of Tom Weichel from Colony, Oklahoma to the Moon!” And “Never Panic Early: An Apollo 13 Astronaut’s Journey”.

Fred will be talking about growing up during the Second World War and his journey from a fighter pilot in the Korean War, to a test pilot and from there joining the astronaut corp. Fred will then tell us about his incredible story of survival during the Apollo 13 mission, where a ruptured oxygen tank caused an explosion that crippled the spacecraft and led to one of the greatest and most inspirational rescues in the history of mankind, plus piloting the Space Shuttle "Enterprise".

Episode 141: Steven Capsuto - Interpreter & Author

On this episode, Derek sits with Interpreter and Author, Steven Capsuto. Steven talks about his love of languages, the battles being waged currently in Washington D.C. over LGBTQ Rights, and we discuss his popular book, "Alternate Channels: Queer Images on 20th Century TV". 

Episode 140: Dee Wallace - Actress

On this episode, Derek sits with legendary Hollywood Actress, Dee Wallace. Dee has been on the acting scene since 1975, becoming a staple on the Hallmark channel, an iconic performer in the Horror genre and of course, known for her portrayal of Mary Taylor in one of the most successful films in the history of cinema, Steven Spielberg's, “E.T. - The Extra Terrestrial”. We discuss various highlights of her film career as well the other side of Dee, which is in the field of healing and spirituality. With her call-in radio show, Ted Talks, and books, Dee is a leader in healing yourself and accepting your own magnificence and power in a loving, positive way.

Episode 139: Frankie Raye - Musician

On this episode, Derek sits with up-and-coming musician, Frankie Raye. This Florida-based musician is turning heads with her incredible voice and fantastic songs. We discuss everything from her unique process for songwriting, her past success, her future plans, and we get to hear her new single, "Over Now".

Episode 138: Bobby Luisi - Former Caporegime for the Patriarca Crime Family turned Pastor & Author

On this incredible episode, Derek sits with former Caporegime for the Patriarca Crime Family, Bobby Luisi. Bobby talks about his life in organized crime, his subsequent arrest and imprisonment, and how he denounced the Mob after finding Christ, his time in Witness Protection and how he became an author, an ordained pastor and founding "Robert Luisi Ministries" and how he runs the popular YouTube channel, "The Bobby Luisi Show".

Episode 137: Michelle Danner - Acting Coach & Film Director

On this episode, Derek sits with famed Acting Coach and Film Director, Michelle Danner. Michelle discusses how she got started in the business, her love for the craft of acting, founding the "Michelle Danner Acting Studio" and her turn as a successful Film Director, including her latest hit film, "Miranda's Victim" starring Abigail Breslin, Luke Wilson, Andy Garcia and Emily VanCamp.

Episode 136: Dr. Jill Carnahan - Famed Medical Diagnostician

On this episode, Derek sits with famed Medical Diagnostician, Dr. Jill Carnahan. The "Sherlock Holmes of Medicine" tells her story of overcoming countless medical adversities to becoming one of the world's leaders in solving countless medical conditions. She will also be talking about how MOLD has been the culprit in many medical cases and how to check for it. Plus we will also be discussing her new memoir, "Unexpected: Finding Resilience through Functional Medicine, Science and Faith" dropping on March 28, 2023.

Episode 135: Wylde Nept - Musicians

We discuss their origins, some highlights in their discography, the joys of playing Celtic music live, the famed COVID Livestream Concert, and so much more. This is an incredibly fun interview.

Episode 134: Dr. David Tholen - Astronomer

On this episode, Derek sits with Dr. David Tholen, who holds a PhD in Planetary Sciences and works at the University of Hawaii Institute of Astronomy. Dr. Tholen talks about getting interested in Astronomy, his very early successes identifying asteroids, the success of the NASA DART System, and the discovery that put him on the map, Asteroid 99942 Apophis, which for a reasonable amount of time was classified as a Near Earth object which crossed into the orbital path of our Planet Earth within 20 years.

Episode 133: Scott DeLuzio - Combat Veteran, Author, Podcaster

On this powerful episode, Derek sits with Combat Veteran turned Author and Podcaster, Scott DeLuzio. Scott is a former Army National Guardsman who along with his brother served in the Afghanistan War. Scott’s brother was killed in action, and Scott grappled with survivor guilt, alcoholism, and PTSD. He funneled that pain into an incredible memoir, “Surviving Son - An Afghanistan War Veteran Reveals His Nightmare of Becoming a Gold Star Brother". Also, Scott is a successful podcaster with his show, “The Drive On Podcast”. 

Episode 132: Dr. Helen Caldicott - Nobel Laureate & Anti-Nuclear Arms Activist

On this historic episode, Derek sits with Anti-Nuclear Arms Activist and Nobel Laureate, Dr. Helen Caldicott. We are going to be talking about growing up in World War 2 Australia, her decades of activism, the Nobel Peace Prize, The Cold War, the Current War in the Ukraine, and so much more.

Episode 131: Fritz Coleman & Louise Palanker - Hosts of "The Media Path" Podcast

On this episode, Derek sits with Fritz Coleman and Louise Palanker, the hosts of "The Media Path Podcast". We discuss Fritz's historic run as the weatherman at KNBC Los Angeles and we discuss Louise's ventures into documentary film work, how the two of them met, and what the goals and triumphs of the Podcast have been like.

Episode 130: Ahmard Vital - Motivational Speaker & Author

On this episode, Derek sits with Motivational Consultant, International Speaker and Best Selling Author, Ahmard Vital. Ahmard will be talking about how he got into sports journalism, and his books, "Now What - 5 Steps to Get Up and Create the Most of Life", "Awaken the Baller Within" and "I Am More Than Enough - 3 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Your Own Reflection" and so much more.

Episode 129: Richard Blade - Legendary Radio DJ

On this historic episode, Derek sits down with the legendary Radio DJ, Richard Blade. We discuss everything from how he got started in the radio business, his time at KROQ, hanging with Depeche Mode, a brief history of British Radio and the Pirates who provided Rock and Roll to a musically starved United Kingdom and of course, his incredibly successful program on SiriusXM 1st Wave, plus so much more.

Episode 128: Chari Hawkins - Athlete

On this episode, Derek sits with TEAM USA Track & Field star, Chari Hawkins. Chari is the 2022 US National Pentathlon Champion and Gold Medalist, along with many other accolades and is also an incredible social media presence, giving daily lessons, affirmations and so much more. We discuss how she gets into "The Zone", her incredible training regiment, her mental health triumphs and struggles, and so much more.

Episode 127: Daniel Ross - Voice Actor

On this episode, Derek sits with Emmy Award-winning voice actor, Daniel Ross. Daniel will be talking about the amazing highs in his career, from how he got started in voice acting, to landing roles in video games, The Transformers and being one of the few actors to ever land the prestigious role of Disney’s Donald Duck for which he recently won the inaugural Children's and Family Emmy Award for Outstanding Voice Performance in a Preschool Animated Program.

Episode 126: Johanna Siegmann - Photographer

On this episode, Derek sits with Photographer, Johanna Siegmann. She will be talking about her amazing life and her brand new book, “In Good Company - Notable People with their Pets” that releases on Feb 20, 2023. In Good Company features various images of animals and their famous pet parents. 

Episode 125: Debra S. Yates - Author

On this episode, Derek sits with Debra S. Yates, the writer of the biography, "Woman of Many Names" which chronicles the life of Nancy Ward (also known as Nanyehi), a Cherokee woman and a key forgotten member of the earliest days of the American Revolution and the Founding of the United States.

Episode 124: Presley Tennant - Musician

On this episode, Derek sits with Country Music Artist and The Voice alumni, Presley Tennant. Presley is going to be talking about her incredible good fortune from how she got started in the music business, her amazing run on The Voice to becoming one of the most in demand artists opening for some of the most elite musicians touring today, plus we will be hearing her newest single “Break My Heart” and we talk about the new EP, 600 Miles. Plus as an added bonus, friend of the show, Katie Kinder returns to talk about her triumphant TED Talk.

Episode 123: Stephen Tobolowsky - Actor

On this episode, Derek sits with Master Thespian, Stephen Tobolowsky. Stephen tells of how he got into acting, takes us through a few various roles he has played on Film, Television and Stage, working with the legendary Harold Ramis, and of course, his portrayal of Ned Ryerson in the dark comedy, "Groundhog Day".

Episode 122: Dr Efraim Zuroff - Chief Nazi Hunter for the Simon Wiesenthal Center

On this powerful episode, Derek sits with the Chief Nazi Hunter for the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Dr. Efraim Zuroff. Dr. Zuroff speaks about how he got involved in hunting down the perpetrators of the most evil act in the history of Mankind, The Holocaust. Plus, he discusses such things as the role in foreign countries knowingly hiding Nazis and he discusses his work against Holocaust Distortion.

Episode 121: Brenden Kumarasamy - Founder of "MasterTalk"

On this episode, Derek sits with the legendary Brenden Kumarasamy who is the Founder of the popular YouTube Channel, "MasterTalk". He discusses how he got started, his love of languages, his life as a public speaking coach, and gives us little nuggets of wisdom that you can employ in your presentations or public speaking.

Episode 120: Benjamin Sledge - US Army Combat Veteran & Author

On this incredible episode, Derek sits with a friend he has not spoken to in over 20 years, US Army Combat Veteran turned Bestselling Author, Benjamin Sledge. Ben will be discussing his experiences during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the horrors and hardships that veterans experience, and the immense struggles that Veterans face when they return from a 2 decade long war. Plus Ben gives his opinions on the End of the Afghanistan War and what led him to write his Bestselling memoir, “Where Cowards Go to Die”.

Episode 119: Patrick Baker - Musician

On this episode, Derek sits with a musician who is creating amazing waves right now, Patrick Baker. He talks about how he got into music, his early success with "Call Me Up", The "Dusk EP" and his incredibly popular cover of RY X's "Only". Plus Patrick offers his opinions on the state of the streaming services, his brand new single, "Sorrow", and so much more.

Episode 118: Florian "Venom" Kohler - Pool Trick Shot Artist

On this incredible episode, Derek sits with the Pool Trick Shot Legend himself, Florian "Venom" Kohler, an 11 time Guinness World Record Holder and the founder of Venom Trick Shots. We discuss how he got interested in the art of trick shots, his successes, a great story of how he earned his nickname "Venom", his incredible Guinness World Records, his outlook on the future of the sport, and so much more.

Episode 117: Dr. Tamir Aldad - Psychiatrist & Founder of "Mindful Care"

On this episode, Derek sits with renowned psychiatrist and the CEO and Founder of "Mindful Care", Dr. Tamir Aldad, MD, MBA. We discuss his start in medicine, founding his company, and the struggles many are facing in mental health such as COVID Isolation, Post-War Veteran Traumas, Alcohol Abuse and much more.


Episode 116: Suzanne Westenhoefer

On this episode, Derek sits with LGBTQ Comedy Icon, Suzanne Westenhoefer. We talk about her early career aspirations, how she broke barriers in comedy, her 1994 HBO Special, and how she has remained one of the constant forces for gay voices in comedy.

Episode 115: Jennifer Steil - Author & Journalist

On this episode, Derek welcomes Journalist and Acclaimed Author, Jennifer Steil. Jennifer will be talking about her career as an accomplished journalist, her incredible COVID tale, her celebrated career as an author of such books as, "The Woman Who Fell From the Sky", "The Ambassador's Wife", "Exile Music", and so much more.

Episode 114: Alison Haislip - Actress

On this episode, Derek sits with Actress, Alison Haislip. During this fun interview, Alison talks about how she got started in show business, her rise to fame on G4's "Attack of the Show", projects she is working on, her story about winning on Bob Barker's, "The Price is Right", and so much more.