Episode 229: Dick Wybrow - Author

On this episode, Derek sits with Dick Wybrow.  Dick is the author of the incredibly popular "Wolfwere" series and other books.  Dick will be discussing his humble beginnings, how he became a writer, his thoughts on writing, how he came up with the "Wolfwere" series and so much more.

Episode 228: Trisha LaFache - Actress

On this episode Derek sits with Trisha LaFache.  Trisha is an actress best known for roles in "Garden State", the "God's Not Dead" films and the hit Emmy and Golden Globe nominated show, "Jury Duty".  Trisha will be discussing how he got into acting, her various roles, some great stories on "Jury Duty" and also be discussing some hot button issues in Hollywood.  Trisha is a firecracker of a guest and one of my favorite people to talk to.

Episode 227: Ren Martinez - Musician

On this episode, Derek sits with Ren Martinez.  Ren is a popular musician, known previously as Ren Farren and known for such groovy songs as "Waiting to Ignite", "Uncool", and her signature tune, “Good Girl”.  Ren will be discussing her origins in the music business and her time at the prestigious Popular Music Performance Program at the University of Southern California.  She will also be diving into her back catalog and spilling some details on her upcoming new album, "Fingers Crossed", coming out sometime later in 2024.

Episode 226: Alexander Randazzo - Screenwriter & Actor

On this episode Derek sits with Alexander Randazzo.  Alexander is a screenwriter and actor.  He is also the founder of the film company, Military Movies.  He has a brand new film dropping on Feb 6th, 2024 on Video on Demand called "Lonesome Soldier" that chronicles the story of a US Soldier and his struggles to reintegrate and conquer the demons of combat related trauma, and substance abuse.  It is a powerful film and it comes with my highest recommendation.   Alexander is a great guest and we had a great conversation so please enjoy.

Episode 225: Kendra Erika - Musician

On this episode, Derek sits with Kendra Erika.  Kendra is an exciting up and coming musician who has tasted success with her cover of the Laura Branigan classic, "Self Control" and Frank Sinatra’s "Witchcraft".  With her unique vocal talents, she has left her mark on the musical world.  She discusses how she got into music, her success, her outlook on her musical future, her foray into acting, her views on the social issues in the music industry and much more.

Derek also pays tribute to the star of Episode 67, the now late Hinton Battle.

Episode 224: Alena Bystritskiy - Professional Harpist & Social Media Influencer

On this episode, Derek sits with Alena Bystritskiy.   Alena is an accomplished harpist and social media sensation, with her posts on Instagram showcasing her incredible mastery of the instrument.  Alena will be discussing growing up in Russia and Germany, learning the harp, playing for German Chancellor Angela Markel, the struggles and triumphs of being an Instagram star and so much more.  Alena is a lovely woman and has become one of my favorite people to talk to.

Episode 223: Donald Dunn - Founder of the Heroes Voices Media Foundation

On this episode, Derek sits with Donald Dunn.  Donald is a former US Army Veteran who has taken his struggles with combat PTSD and mental health and channeled it into the Heroes Voices Media Foundation. This platform is host to radio stations and podcasts, all veteran grown and it has shown considerable success.

Episode 222: Dr. Knicole Colón - NASA Research Astrophysicist

On this episode, Derek sits with Dr. Knicole Colón.  Dr. Colón is a research astrophysicist at NASA working out of the Goddard Space Flight Center.  She will be discussing how she got into the study and search for Exoplanets, working for NASA, working with the James Webb Space Telescope plus several other important projects, the future of the search for Exoplanets and so much more.

Episode 221: Annamaria Pinna & Dave Sussman of the rock band, "Vajra"

On this episode, Derek sits with Annamaria Pinna and Dave Sussman of the rock band, "Vajra".  Annamaria will be discussing about how she got into music and will be taking us through the beginnings of the band and Dave joins in to discuss the bands creative process, their albums, success, their hit new song, "Love is a Battlefield" and more.  This is an incredibly extensive look into the band so I truly believe you will become a fan before the end of this episode.

Episode 220: Jonathan Dumas, M.S, CPC - Career Transition Coach & Public Speaker

On this episode, Derek sits with Jonathan Dumas.  Jonathan is a Career Transition Coach and Public Speaker.  Jonathan will be discussing his theories on how we can be enjoying our career paths more, his social activism and much more.

Episode 219: Jayson Downing - Former US Marine and Author

On this episode, Derek sits with Jayson Downing.  Jayson is a former US Marine Officer turned best selling author.  We will be discussing his time in the US Marine Corps, his outlook on Western Culture and we will be discussing his brand new book,  "Reawakening the Warrior Spirit: Exploring What it means to be a Warrior in the Modern West."

Episode 218: Darcy Donavan - Actress, Singer, Writer and The "CryptoQueen" 

On this episode, Derek sits with Darcy Donavan.  Darcy is an actress, musician and is known as the "CryptoQueen", having been quite established in the community as an authority on Cryptocurrency.  Darcy will be discussing how she broke into Hollywood, her various roles, her music career, her views on the #MeToo movement and sharing her extensive knowledge on the world of Cryptocurrency.  

Darcy might go down as one of my all time favorite guests as you can tell how much fun we had recording this.

Episode 217: Pascal Lee, PhD - Chairman of the Mars Institute and Planetary Scientist 

On this episode, Derek sits with Dr. Pascal Lee.  Dr. Lee is a planetary scientist and the Co-Founder and Chairman of the Mars Institute.  Pascal will be sharing much of his life work with us including how he got interested in physics, astronomy and space, his adventures in Antarctica, his work with NASA, working with Carl Sagan, his extensive knowledge about the planet Mars and our possible future missions to it and co-founding the Mars Institute.