2021 Guests

Episode 35: Carl Gottlieb - Screenwriter

On the last episode of 2021, Derek welcomes LEGENDARY Hollywood Screenwriter, Carl Gottlieb, the man who has penned some of the most important work in modern cinema INCLUDING the Steven Spielberg Masterpiece, "Jaws". Carl discusses his humble beginnings, hanging out with legendary musicians in the late 60's, meeting and living with a young Steven Spielberg, creating "Jaws", writing his best selling book "The Jaws Log", working on Steve Martin's "The Jerk", and so much more! This is an interview you will not soon forget.

Episode 34: Dr. Kamali Thompson - Team USA Fencer, Orthopedic Surgeon, and Blogger

Derek completes, "The Big Bang Theory" and then welcomes the incredible Dr. Kamali Thompson to discuss her careers in both professional fencing and as a resident in orthopedic surgery, plus background on her blog, "Saber & a Stethoscope". An absolutely fantastic interview!

Episode 33: Them Fantasies - Musicians

On this episode, Derek revels in the joy of seeing, "Ghostbusters - Afterlife" and then welcomes popular band, "Them Fantasies" to discuss their humble origins and various other topics plus we get to hear their new single, "Nice Guy". This is a great episode. *Warning: Adult Language*

Episode 32: Cassie from "Popcorn in Bed" - YouTube Star

On this episode, Derek tries to console the University of Oklahoma fans and then he welcomes Cassie from the incredibly popular YouTube show, "Popcorn in Bed". They discuss the genesis of the show plus some fun behind the scenes stories. It's a great episode and if you love movies, this one is just for you!

Episode 31: Whitney DiFoggio - Dental Hygienist & YouTube Star

On this episode, Derek laments about the now infamous Rolling Stones concert in Austin, TX, gives you the dos and don'ts when it comes to toxic Thanksgiving foods for dogs, and then welcomes Whitney DiFoggio of YouTube's, "Teeth Talk Girl" fame. She will be taking questions about dental health and guiding us all to better teeth.

Episode 30: Ryan Frederick - CEO & Author

On this episode, Derek hails the return of one of his favorite bands, "Porcupine Tree" and sits down with the CEO of SmartLiving 360, Ryan Frederick to discuss his career and his new book, "Right Place, Right Time - The Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Home For The Second Half of Life".

Episode 29: Jaelin Kauf - Athlete

On this episode, we welcome Winter Olympic skier, Jaelin Kauf to discuss her amazing career in competitive skiing from her early roots, making TEAM USA, skiing in the 2018 Winter Olympics, and so much more!

Episode 28: Tim Russ - Actor

On this episode, Derek sits down with actor, activist, astronomer, and all-around amazing man, Tim Russ. He will be talking about his time with the Star Trek franchise, his philosophy as to why Star Trek's legacy is so appealing through generations, his work with NASA, and so much more. This is a fantastic episode!

Episode 27: Ken Lindner - Entrepreneur & Author

On this episode, Derek sits down and talks with News Media Legend, Ken Lindner. From his days at Cornell Law, getting his undergrad at Harvard, his secret strategy to defeat Tennis Legend, Arthur Ashe, his time at William Morris Agency to founding, "Ken Lindner & Associates". Plus, he will discuss his latest book, "Career Choreography: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Finding the Right Job and Achieving Huge Success and Happiness”. You will not want to miss this amazing episode.

Episode 26: Katie Kinder - Educator & Author

On this episode, Derek recalls his Hawaiian vacation and then welcomes his old schoolmate Katie Kinder to discuss her views on education, a fun story about the differences on erasers, and her new book, "Untold Teaching Truths - From A Teacher Who Has #BeenThere".

Episode 25: Erik Ronningen - 9/11 Survivor & Author

On the 20th Anniversary of the September 11th, 2001 Attacks, as part of the "Derek Duvall Show 9/11 Outreach Project", Derek welcomes survivor of the World Trade Center, Erik Ronningen. He discusses escaping from the 71st Floor of the North Tower, the horrors he witnessed, and his book, "From The Inside Out - Harrowing Escapes from the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center". 

*Trigger Warning: This episode discusses death, suicide and terrorism*. Listener Discretion is Advised.

Episode 24: Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum - Scientist

On this episode, Derek reveals his holiday plans, his discovery of the Big Bang....we mean "The Big Bang Theory" television show & then Derek is joined by special guest, Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum, who tells us about his revolutionary Microbiome-Driven Approach to Combating Depression during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Episode 23: Dr. Mauricio Heilbron "Dr. Mo" - Trauma & Vascular Surgeon

On this episode, Derek welcomes Dr. Mauricio Heilbron to the show to discuss being on the frontlines of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Plus, thoughts on "Dr. Google" and our shared love of Sting & The Police.

Episode 22: Steve Keeble & Ben Lord (After 82: The Untold Story of the AIDS Crisis in the UK) - Documentarians

In this episode, Derek sits down with Steve Keeble & Ben Lord, creators of the film, “After 82: The Untold Story of the AIDS Crisis in the UK”.  They discuss everything from the struggles of getting a documentary made, to the gathering the testimonies of those involved, the film, "Pride", thoughts on HIV awareness in the Gay Community, and the Project Lighthouse Memorial.

*Strong Adult Language*

Episode 21: Dick Thelen - WWII Veteran & USS Indianapolis (C-35) Survivor

Update: The Derek Duvall Show was saddened to hear of Dick Thelen's passing on 9/13/21.  We are honored to have had him on the show to share his story and preserve these memories.  Our condolences to his family and friends.

On the 76th Anniversary of the sinking, Derek sits down in this historic interview with Dick Thelen, survivor of USS Indianapolis, torpedoed and sank after delivering the Atomic Bomb to Tinian in the closing weeks of World War 2. 1100 men were adrift for 4 days and nights with no hope of rescue, having to survive exposure, salt water poisoning, drowning, and the worst known case of shark attacks in recorded history. In the end 316 men survived the ordeal. This is a story of the enduring human spirit to never give up no matter the odds. 

Episode 20: Bliss Landon - CEO of U-Pic & Insurance Titan

On Episode 20, Derek welcomes to the show, Bliss Landon, CEO of U-Pic & School Device Coverage. She talks about her humble beginnings and how she rose to the top of the insurance business. Lots of great stuff!

Episode 19: Mike Anthony - Author

On this episode, Derek welcomes to the show, the author of "Life At Hamilton: Sometimes You Throw Away Your Shot Only To Find Your Story", Mike Anthony. Hear tales of working at the amazing show from behind the theater bar with stories about meeting President Obama and a great story about the creator of "Hamilton", Lin-Manuel Miranda. This is a great episode and you are not going to want to miss it.

Episode 18: Audrey Hope - Spiritual Therapist & Medium

On this episode, the amazing Spiritual Therapist and Medium, Audrey Hope drops by to discuss her incredible career and also a variety of interesting topics ranging from energy, life force, and so much more.

Episode 17: Walter Egan (Musician)

Derek welcomes 70's music icon, Walter Egan, singer of the beloved song, "Magnet & Steel". In this special episode, Walter discusses his early days in music, the famous meeting of Stevie Nicks & Lindsey Buckingham, writing the album, "Not Shy", stardom, and so much more!! You are not going to want to miss this episode!!

Episode 16: Summers McKay (CEO of The Optimist Daily)

On this episode, Derek discusses the loss of Apollo 11 Astronaut, Michael Collins and welcomes to the show, CEO of The Optimist Daily and an all-around amazing woman, Summers McKay.

Episode 15: Van Jewell Hinton (Singer/Actress/Activist) & Shawn Rivera (Producer/Musician/Activist)

On this episode, Derek welcomes Van Jewell Hinton & Shawn Rivera of Smooch Music. They are discussing, "Caged Bird Songs" a collection of Dr. Maya Angelou's work put to music. It's an incredible project and the conversation is even more engaging!

Van Jewell Hinton

Shawn Rivera

Episode 14: Robert Hays - Actor
(Part 1 & 2)

In this truly amazing two-part episode, Derek is joined by legendary Hollywood actor, Robert Hays as he stops by to discuss his amazing career. From his humble start, to his TV shows, and his big break in the comedy classic, "Airplane", Robert takes us on a journey that is sure to delight everyone. 

In Part 2, Robert discusses the cult classic, "Running Against Time", voice over acting, his adoration of the character Sherlock Holmes, his appearance on "That 70's Show", his love of race car driving (including an incredible story of his career win), conventions and more. This was an incredible conclusion!!!

Episode 13: Dr. Tere Linzey - Educator & Psychologist

Derek sits down with the Founder of Brainmatterz, Dr. Tere Linzey, to hear what she has to say about the effects of distance learning on children and what parents can do to help. 

Episode 12: Sadie Cannon - Musician

Singer Sadie Cannon stops by to discuss her career and her new single, "The Ceiling".

Episode 11: Annabel Gutherz - Musician

A fantastic interview with up-and-coming singer, Annabel Gutherz, who will talk about and showcase her latest single, "Mountain Man".

Episode 10: Dr. Karen Stollznow - Linguist & Author

Derek interviews Dr. Karen Stollznow, author of the book, "On the Offensive: Prejudice in Language Past and Present". 

Episode 9: Anthony & Claire Bueno - Cleanin' Up The Town (Remembering "Ghostbusters") -  Documentary (Part 1 & 2)

Derek interviews Anthony & Claire Bueno, creators of the extraordinary documentary exploring the making of the 1984 Film and Worldwide Phenomenon, "Ghostbusters".

Episode 8: Rick Turner - Guitar Luthier and Rock & Roll Legend

The legendary Rick Turner comes on to talk about his involvement in the last 50 years of Rock 'N Roll.  Through his time with The Grateful Dead, thoughts on The Beatles, Alembic, Fleetwood Mac, creating the famous Model 1 guitar for Lindsey Buckingham, and more!

Photo used with permission from Folk Works