2022 Guests

Episode 113: Judy Tenuta - Legendary Comedian

On this episode, Derek broadcasts the uncut interview with the late Comedy Legend, Judy Tenuta. Recorded in February of 2022, Judy gives an in-depth introspect of her career, working with George Carlin and Weird Al Yankovic and her other successful endeavors. She also discusses her brave battle against Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer which she succumbed to in October 2022. This phone interview is being released uncut and with no promos or sponsors.

Episode 112: Tiffanie Herring - Crisis Intervention Specialist


On this very important episode, Derek sits with Tiffanie Herring, a Crisis Intervention Team Coordinator who focuses primarily on mental health, crisis de-escalation and works closely with law enforcement to teach methods to safely de-escalate crisis calls. Plus we will also be talking about Tiffany's book, "Simply Deescalate".

Episode 111: Andy Frye - Sports Journalist

On this episode, Derek speaks with acclaimed Sports Journalist, Andy Frye. We will be talking about how he shook off the shackles of the corporate world to become one of the most in demand sports writers in the business, interviewing everyone from Tom Brady to Shaq. Plus we will be talking about his new fiction book, "Ninety Days in the 90’s - A Rock and Roll Time Travel Story".

Episode 110: Howard Blake - Film Composer

On this historic broadcast, Derek sits down with one of the most celebrated film composers in the history of cinema, Howard Blake. At the age of 84, Howard tells us about growing up in the United Kingdom during the Blitz of World War II, how he got accepted to the Royal Academy of Music, his most successful compositions, working with the legendary rock band, Queen, writing music for Princess Diana and of course, his most celebrated and successful work, creating the score for the 1982 animated Christmas classic, "The Snowman".

Episode 109: Bobby Umar - Motivational Speaker

On this episode, Derek sits with 5x TED Talk Veteran, Inspiration Coach, and Motivational Speaker, Bobby Umar. Bobby will be talking about how he became a powerful institution on the speaking circuit and will be offering out advice in a variety of topics.

Episode 108: Kate Watson - Musician

On this amazing episode, Derek sits with upcoming Country Music Star, Kate Watson. Kate is going to be talking about how she overcame bullying in school, her parents' influence on her music, her incredible run on "American Idol", and we will be hearing and talking about her new single, “Remedy”.

Episode 107: Melanie Wolff & Darien Williams - Co-Founders of Brella

On this episode, Derek sits with Melanie Wolff & Darien Williams. Together they have revolutionized the world of childcare and co-created Brella, a new type of childcare that offers full time, flexible, and on-demand care and schooling along with parent education classes and family events. Also, Derek laments the tragic death of Fleetwood Mac icon, Christine McVie.

Episode 106: Jeremy Ryan - Professional Surfer & Entrepreneur

On this episode, Derek sits with Professional Surfer and successful Entrepreneur, Jeremy Ryan. Jeremy talks about the beauty of surfing, dispels movie myths, Mick Fanning's Shark Attack and the dangers of Surfing, how he became a professional and what led to the founding of his surf school, his clothing line and his successful business, The Subtide Agency.

Episode 105: Bruce Wawrzyniak - Broadcaster

On this episode, Derek sits with Professional Broadcaster, Bruce Wawrzyniak. Bruce talks about how he got started in broadcasting, how he founded his company, "Now Hear This" and he offers his outlook on podcasting.

Episode 104: Meirav Zur - Actress

On this episode, Derek sits with the incredibly talented, Meirav Zur. She is going to be talking to us about her hit one-woman comedic show, “Inconceivable: The Totally True One Woman Semi-Fertile Quasi Musical", which takes a hilarious and honest look at the complexity of modern infertility.

Episode 103: Dana Lewis - Public Relations Expert

On this episode, Derek sits down with friend of the show, Dana Lewis. Dana is the CEO of Dana Lewis Public Relations, a boutique Public Relations Firm. Dana will be discussing how she got into PR, and answers questions as to the complexity of the business. This is a very in-depth interview.

Episode 102: Jonathan Blake - HIV/AIDS Activist

On this incredible episode, Derek sits with the extraordinary, Jonathan Blake. Jonathan was one of the first people in the United Kingdom to be diagnosed with the HIV virus and defied science to live to old age. We discuss growing up in Birmingham, how he got the HIV virus and the fallout from it, his devotion to his lifelong partner, Nigel, how he joined "Lesbian and Gays Support the Miners" a grassroots organization to support striking Welsh miners during the 1984-1985 Strike, his HIV activism in the LGBTQ community and his portrayal by Dominic West in the 2014 film, "Pride" which chronicled the L.G.S.M. movement.

Episode 101: Dr. Kavita Desai - Founder of Revivele

On this episode, Derek is joined by a very special guest in the form of Dr. Kavita Desai. She is the founder of Revivele, a brand that is focused on empowering women through brain health while also focusing on improving mood, sleep, and overall well-being.

Episode 100: Ginger Zee - ABC News Chief Meteorologist

On this Centennial Episode, Derek sits down with the legendary Ginger Zee, Chief Meteorologist for ABC News. We discuss how she got excited about weather, her rise in the ranks to her current position, her books which chronicle her struggles with mental health and how she inspires others who are suffering, her time on "Dancing with the Stars", "Good Morning America", and the latest on her crusade to battle the dangers of Climate Change plus so much more. Plus we have a cameo from star of Episode 11, Annabel Gutherz who talks about her brand new single, "Interstellar".

Episode 99: Rachel Pizzolato - Model, Engineer, Social Media Content Creator

On this episode, Derek sits with social media titan, Rachel Pizzolato of Beauty and Brains with a Twist. In this incredibly in-depth interview, we discuss how she survived High School bullying to become a member of "Mythbusters Jr" and how she became a highly successful model, social media content creator, Award Winning Trampolinist, Beauty Pageant Legend. Plus she talks about pending patents for projects she has engineered, her future aspirations, and so much more.

Episode 98: Taylor Reneau - YouTube Blogger

On this episode, Derek sits down with popular YouTube blogger, Taylor Reneau. She talks about attending Harvard University, creating her incredibly popular channel, "YesReneau" and so much more. Plus, we have a cameo from past guest, Michelle Fabre.

Episode 97: Tom McLoughlin - Film Director, Writer, Musician

On this incredible Halloween episode, Derek sits down with one of the true Masters of Horror, Writer, Musician, and Film Director, Tom McLoughlin. He takes us through the behind the scenes of Hollywood, early successes, and writing and directing his calling card, "Friday the 13th - Part 6: Jason Lives". Plus he has opinions on the current status of the horror genre and so much more.

Episode 96: Sara Gullihur-Bradford (aka SJ Childs) - Autism Activist & Podcaster

On this episode, Derek sits with popular autism advocate, Sara Gullihur-Bradford aka "SJ Childs". She will be talking about her activism, her books, her upcoming Autism Safety Summit, and of course, her incredibly popular podcast, "The SJ Childs Show".

Episode 95: Frangela - Comedians

On this episode, Derek welcomes Frances Callier and Angela V. Shelton of the comedy duo, Frangela. They discuss their comedic origins, Second City, their success, and they tackle the issue of Cancel Culture. This is a fantastic interview.

Episode 94: Will Blaine - Children's Author

On this episode, Derek sits with acclaimed children's author, Will Blaine, the man behind the wildly successful book series, "Wildly Inappropriate Stories for Children".

Episode 93: Carol Decker - Lead Vocalist for T'Pau

On this episode, Derek sits down with legendary 80's pop star, Carol Decker of the hit group, T'Pau. We cover everything from how she became a professional singer, the formation of T'Pau, the hit album, "Bridge of Spies", and so much more.

Episode 92: Mari Cartagenova - Psychic Medium & Animal Communicator

On this episode, Derek sits with renowned Psychic Medium and Animal Communicator, Mari Cartagenova. She will be discussing her career of speaking beyond the barrier of understanding, dispelling a few myths about Mediums, and her contribution to the book, "Heaven Sent: True Stories of Pets that have Touched Our Hearts in Miraculous Ways", and so much more.

Episode 91: David Hollenbach - Former Firefighter & Author

On this episode, Derek sits with former Fire Battalion Chief turned author and professional speaker, David Hollenbach. David discusses his successes and failures with raw honesty including his battles with mental health. David will also be discussing his new book, “Fireproof: Your Grand Strategy for Transforming Failure into Fuel for Your Future”.


Episode 90: Benni Latham - Voice-Over Actress

On this exciting episode, Derek sits with up and coming voice-over talent, Benni Latham. She talks about how she got into voice-over work, talks about some of the amazing talent she has worked with, and her super exciting new role in the upcoming, "Transformers: EarthSpark".

Episode 89: Dr. Trevor Cates - Founder of "The Spa Dr."

On this episode, Derek sits down with Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Trevor Cates. She will be discussing how she got into her career path, her amazing line of skincare products, founding "The Spa Dr.", dispelling a few skin care myths, and her new book, "Natural Beauty Reset”.

Episode 88: Brent Magnussen - Author & Motivational Speaker

On this episode, Derek sits with Brent Magnussen, a former Army Vet, Motivational Speaker, Martial Artist, and acclaimed author of the book, “Roger Up: The Mission Ready Blueprint to Crush the Morning, Own the Day and Become the Best Version of You.”

Episode 87: Jessica Brody - Author

On this episode, Derek sits down with acclaimed author, Jessica Brody. They discuss her origins in professional writing, her process for creating novels, and the legacy of her work.

Episode 86: Daniella Park - Founder of "Doing It Sober"

On this incredible episode, Derek sits with the founder of "Doing It Sober", Daniella Park to hear her incredible tale of sobriety and the good work she is doing to help others overcome addiction.

Episode 85: Dr. Seth Shostak - Sr. Astronomer for S.E.T.I. Institute

On this incredible episode, Derek sits with Dr. Seth Shostak, the Senior Astronomer of the S.E.T.I. Institute (The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence). We discuss his career, the projects he is involved with, your fan questions, the James Webb Telescope, and we get to geek out over our mutual love for the 1953 Sci-Fi classic film, "The War of the Worlds"!

Episode 84: Jim Meskimen - Actor

On this episode, Derek sits with actor and voice over artist, Jim Meskimen. We discuss growing up around Hollywood, his incredible filmography, working with Ron Howard, the legacy of Robin Williams, tales from the set of "Apollo 13", how he crafts impersonations, and so much more.

Episode 83: Karl Darden - Founder of "Navy Sports Nation"

On this episode, Derek talks to fellow Navy Veteran, Karl Darden. He discusses his time at Annapolis Naval Academy, his time as a Pilot and what led him to create the incredibly popular, "Navy Sports Nation" Blog and Podcast. Also as a bonus, former Episode 31 guest, Whitney Difoggio "The Teeth Talk Girl", stops by to check in and provide sound dental advice as we approach the holiday season.

Episode 82: Bill Hemm - 9/11 Survivor

On this incredible episode, Derek sits with September 11th Survivor, Bill Hemm as part of the "Derek Duvall Show 9/11 Outreach Project". Bill tells the story of how a Morgan Stanley Training Seminar in the South Tower of the World Trade Center thrust him into one of the most horrific events in world history. He also tells the story of his roommate who barely escaped the collapse of the South Tower.

Episode 81: Mike DiVicino - Speaker and Author

On this remarkable episode, Derek sits with Mike DiVicino, a convicted felon who was sentenced to 3 Life Sentences and expected to spend his natural life behind bars. You will hear his story of redemption and how after his miraculous parole, he has been a speaker and powerful force for police arrest procedure reform, helping troubled youth and he speaks about his book, "Dear Joey: Letters From Prison: Book 1" all while being a man lost in time by now living in a world that has completely transformed after nearly 30 years in a prison cell.

Episode 80: Danica Rockwood - Professional Cosplayer & Model

On this episode, Derek sits down with professional cosplayer and model, Danica Rockwood. Danica takes us through the business side of cosplaying and also discusses how she got into modeling. This is a fantastic interview and if you are thinking of getting into cosplaying, there is a lot of information in here for you.

Episode 79: Tracy Crossley - Behavioral Attunement Expert

On this show, Derek sits with Behavioral Attunement Expert, Tracy Crossley. She will be discussing her new book, "Overcoming Insecure Attachment: 8 Proven Steps To Recognizing Anxious & Avoidant Attachment Styles & Building Healthier & Happier Relationships" plus she will be discussing her theory about the dating phenomena called "Bread-Crumbing" and offers other insights into healthy relationships. *WARNING - Strong Language*

Episode 78: Michael A. Smith - Author

On this episode, Derek gets to let his "Jaws Geek" flag fly and sits with acclaimed author of the book, "Jaws 2: The Making of the Hollywood Sequel", Michael A. Smith. We discuss the idea behind the book, the troubled production, and dispels an urban myth about one of the film's brutal shark attacks.

Episode 77: Leigh Langston - Author and Entrepreneur

On this episode, Derek sits with entrepreneur and self published author, Leigh Langston. She discusses her website, DangerousLee.Biz which is catered to helping and promoting Black Women Small Business Owners, plus we discuss her book, "Keep your Panties Up and your Skirt Down", her work in the HIV Community, we gush over our shared love for Michael Jackson's music and so much more.

Episode 76: Echobelly - Musicians

On this incredible episode, Derek sits down with Sonya Madan and Glenn Johansson of the 90's alternative rock band, "Echobelly". They discuss the formation of the band, immediate success, their incredibly popular album, "ON" and so much more.

Episode 75: Blanchard Ryan - Actress

On this episode, Derek talks with actress Blanchard Ryan. We talk about her growing up in Professional Hockey Royalty, working for Club Med and MTV, her roles in "Sex and the City", working with Broken Lizard and her huge hit, the 2003 film, "Open Water".

Episode 74: Maddie Musselman - Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist

On this incredible episode, Derek sits down with 4 Time World Champion and 2-Time Olympic Gold Medalist in Water Polo as a member of TEAM USA, Maddie Musselman. She discusses her start in the sport, selection to TEAM USA, her Olympic adventures, and so much more.

Episode 73: Rick Holmes - "Relate Then Educate" Creator

On this episode, Derek welcomes the Creator of the Education Tool and Program, "Relate Then Educate", Rick Holmes. He will be talking about the genesis and success of the project and will talk about some exciting things coming up.

Episode 72: Jaron & Maggie aka "The Blonde Brewer" - Social Media Influencers, Comedic Content Creators and Brewery Owners

On this amazing episode, Derek welcomes Jaron and Maggie Clayton of "The Blonde Brewer" social media fame. We discuss the origins of the comedic duo, the success of their content, meeting Coolio, their famous brewery, amazing news for the future, and so much more.

Episode 71: Blanca Blanco - Model, Actress, and Author

On this extraordinary episode, Derek sits down with Actress, Model, and Author, Blanca Blanco. She talks about her rough childhood, acting, modeling and her new memoir, "Breaking the Mold".

Episode 70: Alex Weber - Motivational Speaker

On this episode, Derek sits down with Motivational Speaker and Author, Alex Weber. We discuss his amazing Lacrosse career, working with Daniel Tosh, competing and hosting on "American Ninja Warrior" and his latest book, "Fail Proof: Become the Unstoppable You".

Episode 69: KALEIDA - Musician

On this incredible episode, Derek sits down with music duo, Christina Wood and Cicely Goulder of KALEIDA. They will be discussing how they united, their success, various albums and music videos and of course, their hit song, "Think" and "The John Wick Effect".

Episode 68: Dr. Joel "Gator" Warsh - Pediatrician

We have on the show, Board certified and renowned pediatrician, Dr. Joel "Gator" Warsh. This Canadian Transplant is going to be talking to you today about proper eating for yourself but mostly your children, how to protect them from the Covid-19 Omnicron variant, developing a better relationship with real, non-processed food, and draws attention to the mental health crisis we are seeing in our young people currently.

Episode 67: Hinton Battle - Actor and Choreographer

On this extraordinary episode, Derek welcomes to the show, 3 Time Tony Award winning actor, Hinton Battle. Hinton discusses his early days in the theater, "The Wiz, Miss Saigon, The Tap Dance Kid", and of course, his footprint on pop culture with his performance of Sweet the Musical Demon from "Once More with Feeling" on the hit show, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

Episode 66: Jennifer Gable - Comedian

On this episode, Derek welcomes the insanely talented Jennifer Gable to discuss her comedy career, acting, how MeToo has changed the comedy landscape, her origins in comedy and so much more.

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Episode 65: Capt. Dale Dye, USMC (Ret.) - Hollywood Military Technical Advisor

On this blockbuster episode, Derek sits down with legendary Hollywood Military Technical Advisor and actor, Capt. Dale Dye. This is a no-stone-unturned interview. We discuss his tours of duty in the Vietnam War, breaking into Hollywood, working with legendary directors, Steven Spielberg and Oliver Stone, his work on "Saving Private Ryan", his incredible efforts to make "Band of Brothers" one of the greatest mini-series in the history of television, his company, "Warriors, Inc.", some of his other acting roles and so much more!

Episode 64: Hanna Mandelbaum - Co-Founder of Evermore Pet Food

On this episode, Derek welcomes the Fairy Dog-Mother & Co-Founder of Evermore Pet Food, Hanna Mandelbaum. In this interview, we discuss the origins of the company and its continued success. This is an amazing episode and Hanna discusses the benefits of your pupper eating their food over other brands. Be sure to check out evermorepetfood.com

Episode 63: Justin Jackson - Co-Founder of Transistor FM

On this amazing episode, Derek welcomes the co-founder of the Premiere Podcast Hosting Platform, Transistor FM, Justin Jackson. We discuss the origin of the Platform, Justin answers fan questions and gives us a sneak peek into the future plans of Transistor FM.

Episode 62: Adam Wasserman - Education Attorney

On this episode, Derek welcomes Adam Wasserman, Attorney and Managing Partner at Education Justice Law Group. He specializes in ensuring both parents and students’ rights are maintained throughout a child’s education. He will be tackling the issue of a being a parent of a student during the COVID-19 Pandemic and what rights you might have as to whether to keep your child home or not.

Episode 61: Katie Silcox - Ayurvedic Expert

On this episode, Derek welcome to the show, Award-winning Yogi, Ayurvedic Expert & New York Times Bestselling Author, Katie Silcox. She will be discussing the Three Pillars of Ayurvedic Living and her new book, "Healthy Happy Sexy: Ayurvedic Wisdom for Modern Women".

Episode 60: Peter Tatchell - Gay Rights Activist

On this incredible episode, Derek sits with legendary Gay Rights Activist, Peter Tatchell. We discuss growing up in Australia, talking about some of his best known protests after nearly 50 years of activism, the violence he has endured, his popular Netflix documentary, "Hating Peter Tatchell" and so much more.

Episode 59: Bill Parker - World War II D-Day Veteran

On this absolutely incredible episode of The Derek Duvall Show, Derek welcomes 97 year old World War 2 veteran, Bill Parker. Now not only is Bill a WW2 veteran, he is also the 1st man to set foot on Omaha Beach during the Normandy Invasion. Hear stories of The Great Depression, General Eisenhower, The Winter of 1944, his thoughts on "Saving Private Ryan", and so much more.

*Bill passed away on September 11th, 2023 and was the last man alive from the 1st wave of D-Day

Episode 58: Janae Sergio - US Navy Veteran & Author

On this episode, Derek reconnects with fellow 9/11 and Afghanistan War shipmate, Janae Sergio. Janae will be discussing her struggles in life, her career in the US Navy, her advocacy for Mental Health and her new book, "Perfectly Flawed: A Veterans Journey From Homeless to Hero".

Episode 57: Beatriz Hatz - Athlete

On this amazing episode, Derek welcomes to the show, Junior World Track Champion and Tokyo 2020 Paralympian Sprinter & Jumper, Beatriz Hatz. She will talk about overcoming her disability to become one of the best track athletes in the sport, plus so much more!

Episode 56: Kyle Einhorn & Matt Baumann - Documentarians (Fleetwood Mac - Destiny Rules)

On this incredible episode, Derek reunites documentarians Matt Baumann and Kyle Einhorn to discuss their 2004 behind the scenes film, "Fleetwood Mac - Destiny Rules" about the band's creation of the album, "Say You Will". Lots of great Fleetwood Mac stories. *Warning - Language*

Episode 55: Alison Arngrim - Actress and Author

On this episode, Derek welcomes the incomparable Actress, Comedian, Author and Activist, Alison Arngrim to the show. We discuss her activism in the AIDS community, her one woman show and of course, her role as one of televisions greatest antagonists, Nellie Olesen of "Little House on the Prairie", plus her book, "Confessions of a Prairie Bitch - How I Survived Nellie Olesen and Learned to Love Being Hated". Plus Jon from the new show, "The Basement Reload" stops by to chat.

Episode 54: Doug Cartwright - Author & Entrepreneur

On this episode, Derek develops a kinship with former Millionaire turned Author and Founder of The Daily Shifts, Doug Cartwright. He will be talking about his incredible rise to success, his life changing moment, founding The Daily Shifts and his book, "Holy Sh!t, We're Alive...Now What?"

Episode 53: Liv Ritchie - Musician

On this episode, Derek's special guest is singer, songwriter and actress, Liv Ritchie. She will be discussing breaking into the music industry, a few hit songs from her catalogue and an update on her acting career.

Episode 52: Angela Thurston - Erotic Mastery Coach

On this episode, Derek welcomes Erotic Blueprints Lead Coach and Trainer, Angela Thurston to the show.  She will be promoting positive sexual ideas, answering your questions about sexual health, sexual compatibility, dispelling a few myths, and so much more.

Warning: This episode contains explicit content.  Listener discretion is advised.

Episode 51: Dr. Mark Pimentel, Dr. Ali Rezaie - Microbiome Scientists and Robin Berlin - Dietician

On this jam-packed episode, Derek sits down with renowned Scientists, Dr. Mark Pimentel and Dr. Ali Rezaie as they discuss their breakthrough work with new understandings of gut health, plus they will discuss their new book, "The Microbiome Connection: Your Guide to IBS, SIBO, and Low-Fermentation Eating".

Then in the 2nd part of the show, we visit with acclaimed dietitian and author, Robin Berlin to discuss her close work with Dr. Pimentel and Dr. Rezaie and her own work with promoting healthy eating, plus we discuss her new book, "The Good LFE Cookbook: Low Fermentation Eating and SIBO, Gut Health and Microbiome Balance". It's a great episode and you will learn LOTS!!

Episode 50: Tom Cook - Animator

On this MILESTONE 50th Episode, we welcome legendary 80's Cartoon Animator, Tom Cook to the show. We discuss his beginnings in animation, working at Hanna-Barbera, his tenure at Filmation until it's tragic closing and what it's like to draw some of the most iconic cartoon characters such as "Super Friends", "Scooby-Doo" and of course, the juggernaut show, "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe".

Episode 49: Cynthia Rothrock - Martial Artist & Actress

On this episode, Derek welcomes "The Queen of Martial Arts", the legendary, Cynthia Rothrock. We discuss her incredible career including her introduction to martial arts, her breakthrough into Hollywood, Corey Haim and "Fast Getaway", her effect on the success of the sport, and so much more!

Episode 48: Jordyn Wieber - Olympic Athlete

On this episode, Derek is recovering from a viral condition so his voice is a bit hoarse but that is not going to stop his truly amazing conversation with US Olympic Gold Medalist, Jordyn Wieber. She will discuss how she started in gymnastics, selection to TEAM USA, and competing in the 2012 Olympics in London as a member of "The Fierce 5".

Episode 47: Dr. Ann Kaplan - CEO & Philanthropist

Continuing Women's History Month, we cover Women in Business and we are fortunate to have Dr. Ann Kaplan, CEO of iFinance Canada. She discusses her rise to the top, her starring role in "The Real Housewives of Toronto", her philanthropic work with the HIV/AIDS Community, and so much more!

Episode 46: Abby Harrison - Astronaut Hopeful & STEM Ambassador

It's the start of Women's History Month and each week we will be showcasing a different powerful woman.  We start with Women in Science and NASA Astronaut Hopeful, Abby Harrison.  She will be discussing her dreams of going to space from a young age, her incredible devotion to education, STEM, and her dream of being the first human to set foot on Mars which led to the founding of the Non-Profit, "The MARS Generation".  This is a fantastic episode with an incredible woman.

Episode 45: Countryboi, The Host of "One Mic - Black History" - Podcaster

On this episode, to conclude Black History Month, Derek welcomes friend of the show, Countryboi, the host and creator of "One Mic - The Black History Podcast". We discuss the creation and what it takes to produce one of the finest historical podcasts in the game today.

Episode 44: Shawna Blake - Comedian

On this episode, we welcome popular Tulsa comedian, Shawna Blake! She will discuss breaking into the business, her joke-writing process, her success, and we tackle a few hot button issues plaguing the comedy world right now. A fantastic interview!

Episode 43: Erik King - Actor

On this mighty episode of The Derek Duvall Show we welcome the amazing Erik King. He will be discussing his beginnings in acting, various roles including "Oz", his place in Pop Culture history, his exciting Broadway production, "Thoughts of a Colored Man" and of course, his legendary role as Sgt. James Doakes in the hit show, "Dexter". *WARNING* Language

Episode 42: The Trills - Musicians

On this episode, Derek welcomes the immensely popular a capella group, The Trills. They discuss their origins, how hard it was starting out, and the amazing accomplishments they have achieved since forming.

Episode 41: Erica Wilson - Gardening Influencer

On this episode of The Derek Duvall Show, Derek welcomes his amazing friend, Erica Wilson, the creator of the popular gardening channel, "Mon Jardin Au Coin". She discusses her struggles and triumphs launching the channel and gives us insight into some future endeavors for the show.

Episode 40: Amber Kelleher-Andrews - Entrepreneur & CEO

On this episode, Derek welcomes the woman who has her finger on the pulse of Hollywood's match-making scene, Amber Kelleher-Andrews - the CEO of the prestigious, Kelleher International. We learn about her amazing origins, how she ascended to the role of CEO of Kelleher International, her amazing philanthropy, and so much more.

Episode 39: Jason White - Athlete

On this incredible episode of "The Derek Duvall Show" we welcome Oklahoma legend and winner of the 2003 Heisman Trophy, former University of Oklahoma Quarterback, Jason White. He will be talking about his humble beginnings, playing for OU, winning the Heisman Trophy, plus he will be giving his take on OU's move to the SEC and his insight into the NCAA NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) discussion. This is an incredible episode.

Episode 38: Michelle Fabre - Musician

On this episode, Derek welcomes the lovely and talented Michelle Fabre to discuss her blossoming music career and we get to hear some of her latest work!

Episode 37: Alice Amter - Actress

In this episode, Derek discusses the new and improved Duvall Studios, laments the death of Bob Saget and then welcomes to the show, the lovely actress, Alice Amter. She discusses her humble beginnings, her ascent in Hollywood, her time on "E.R.", working with the late Betty White on "Hot in Cleveland", and of course her supporting role on the juggernaut hit, "The Big Bang Theory".

Episode 36: Bill Edwards - CEO & Entrepreneur

On the 1st episode of 2022, we welcome back old friends of the show, Chad Malone and Katie Kinder to discuss their current projects and then we are thrilled to have with us, the CEO and Founder of the hair treatment, "Regenix", Mr. Bill Edwards. He will be discussing his humble origins, founding Regenix, dispelling some hair myths, and how he landed his most famous customer, Mr. Matthew McConaughey.